Health Innovations offers you an experienced partner in the health and human service field, with special focus in the areas of HIV/AIDS, STI, viral hepatitis and related issues/topics such as mental health and substance abuse. We are confident that our innovative, holistic and multidisciplinary approach can assist you with addressing your program or community needs and reduce health disparities. Assistance is offered in a variety of areas, including:

  • Consultation/Needs Assessment
  • Program Development
  • Capacity Building, Enhancement/Expansion
  • Program Implementation/Replication
  • Evaluation
  • Training

What sets us apart?

  • Comprehensive network of diverse professionals and paraprofessionals representing an array of health and human service disciplines
  • Experienced in providing innovative clinical care, prevention/education, outreach/linkage to care, evaluation, research and training initiatives
  • Culturally sensitive approach focused on diverse, vulnerable and underserved populations
  • Bilingual/bicultural capacity includes staff who speak English, Spanish and Portuguese

With the movement towards integration of HIV, STI and viral hepatitis programming, Health Innovations can help your program or organization be at the forefront of this trend, offering unique and innovative solutions to improve access to care and ensure quality of care.


“Getting tested makes me really anxious. Thank you for making it so easy.” – Pedro

“I was living under a bridge and had given up on myself. A friend brought me to your van clinic and your team has walked with me every step of the way to getting my life back together.” – Kevin

“I was blown away by the professional care I received tonight at the club. Thank you for being here.” – Marcelo

“I thought I knew a lot about my risk. I learned so much from the nurse about STDs and how to keep myself safe.” – Shameeka

“Once you hit this part of the city, you are forgotten. Thank you for coming deep into the hood to find me.” – Marisol

“I needed this program in my community. People in need walk by my church every day and no one helps them. Thank you for answering the call. God bless your team.” – Rev. Capitolin, Agape House of Prayer