Susana Medeiros

Susana Medeiros is co-owner and Administrative Director of Health Innovations, Inc. Ms. Medeiros brings over 20 years of experience in health and human services in the areas of program development, operations, grant procurement, evaluation and training. Ms. Medeiros’ focus has been and continues to be to develop innovative strategies to address access to care issues for the underserved and to reduce/eliminate health disparities.

Catherine O’Connor, RN, MSN, ACRN

Catherine O’Connor is the Clinical Director of Health Innovations, an innovative, mobile health program for underserved populations experiencing mental illness, substance use disorder, homelessness and infectious disease; specifically HIV/AIDS, STIs, and viral hepatitis. Ms. O’Connor specializes in the provision of creative and innovative models of HIV prevention and education, counseling, and testing, linkage/adherence and retention in clinical care and supportive services for vulnerable populations.

Catherine also provides technical assistance, clinical supervision and programmatic evaluation and training to community-based agencies.

Ms. O’Connor has 40 years of clinical nursing experience, 30 of which have been solely dedicated to the care and prevention needs of HIV positive individuals and those members of the community at-risk for HIV/AIDS.

Catherine is also a faculty member at the Bouve College School of Nursing at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. Her academic and clinical teaching responsibilities include community and public health nursing, cultural diversity, mental health, bioethics and the supervision of graduate research practicum students. Her research activities focus on the health care needs of vulnerable populations and her work has been published in academic journals and presented nationally and internationally.

Catherine is the recipient of local and national awards recognizing her commitment to community members experiencing health disparities.

Mary Wheeler, Program Director, Healthy Streets Outreach Program

Mary Wheeler began working in the HIV prevention field in 1999 as a volunteer outreach worker for JRI Health in Boston. From 1999 until 2001, Mary worked as the street outreach coordinator for an outreach program that targeted sex workers and injection drug users. From 2001 until 2002, Mary worked for the Cambridge Needle Exchange providing services for women. In 2002, Mary began working at the Boston Needle Exchange Program where she created the first Boston Needle Exchange Consumer Advisory Board. In 2005, she took a position at CAB Health and Recovery Services, Inc. Healthy Streets Outreach Program in Lynn. In July of 2013, Healthy Streets was acquired by Health Innovations. Mary is currently the Program Director of Healthy Streets where she has worked for over ten years. Healthy Streets provides services to both injection drug users and sex workers. Healthy Streets serves the North Shore area of Massachusetts, is one of the MA DPH Naloxone Pilot sites and currently provides Syringe Services Programs in Lynn, Chelsea and Salem.